About the Low Moor Meadows Travel Plan

Persimmon Homes have made funds available to provide one free annual bus and rail MCard to each household at Low Moor Meadows. these can be used on countywide buses and on trains in Zones 1-3 for 12 months from the date of issue. There are also significant discounts on your second and third annual MCard if you choose to buy one. To apply, please get in touch using the details on the contact us page and we will post a form to you.

Travel for free with the MCard

A Travel Plan is in place for Low Moor Meadows, which helps you understand your options for making journeys to and from home. We hope that you will have a look through the information and consider how you could fit sustainable travel into your daily routine. This can save you money, help squeeze exercise into your day, improve your health, limit your impact on the environment and on air quality, help you avoid traffic jams and help you learn more about your neighbourhood.


If you would like to read the Travel Plan, it can be downloaded from the useful links section on this page.



Who looks after the Travel Plan?


The Low Moor Meadows Travel Plan is implemented by the Travel Plan Coordinator, Emily Ingham, on behalf of Persimmon Homes. You can contact the Travel Plan Coordinator if you would like advice about how to make journeys from Low Moor Meadows or if you have questions about this website or the Travel Plan.


To make an enquiry please go to the Contact Us page.




Every so often surveys will be carried out to see how residents are travelling. This will help the Travel Plan Coordinator decide if everything is in place to support you to make fewer car journeys, or whether there is more to be done. The surveys may be completed in a number of different ways, such as counting how many cars and people are leaving the site during the day, an online form or on paper sent to your address. When it is time to carry out the surveys we will really appreciate your input!




Low Moor Meadows is located Morley, Leeds. The map below shows you where Low Moor Meadows is in the wider context of West Yorkshire, and shows it in relation to nearby towns, cities and areas of interest.


Elsewhere on the website, you will find maps focused on the close vicinity to Low Moor Meadows, showing you what is on your doorstep. Navigate through the site menu to find these. Using the useful links section on this page, you can visit the Leeds Council website to find information about local services such as recycling, libraries and community golf courses.


Low Moor Meadows Location Map

Read the Travel Plan




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